sweet scent

2011/05/11 § Leave a comment

“I’m flying far away to be really free
Tired hard to build myself independently
It’s hard to always do what you expect from me
Saying come home
Come home

I try to understand why it hurts you
To see a difference in our points of view
Don’t blame me for a thing that I didn’t do
saying come home
Come home

It’s insane
How feeling so much shame Will only bring you pain
And I no longer know how to explain
See I’m happy as can be
And you’re my family, my ground
And I’m just hoping one day I will find you

You’re holding back the tears when you kiss me
Smile smile when I’m back again as you see me
When years are passing by and you miss me
You’re saying come home
Come home

Such a shame
You’re feeling so much blame And yet I’m still the same
And I no longer know how to explain
See I’m grateful as can be
‘Cause your my family, I’m bound
And I’m just hoping one day
you will shine through

Let’s try to look at each other
Find one other
Asking how can it be fighting out all that we see
Is just not always what is real”

I am home, in Ohio that is. I will be here until October, since I am going to Israel in October, yippee. I have this excitement that I cannot explain. My spirit is looking forward to the unknown here and I am enjoying it. So far the past few days I have been home have been a lot of family time, cooking, baking a strawberry pie that has been on my mind for quite awhile, seeing old friends, making new friends-plugging into new things, I have made a list of 7 things that I want to accomplish this summer. I would rather not say, and if you would like to know–ask me about it. The cool breeze here is so refreshing, Floridians, I am sorry…  I am planning on a trip to North Carolina in June.. Very excited for the plan is to drive down. Blessings!xo

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