2011/03/29 § Leave a comment

“As children we’re explorers and discoverers. Every child is a Columbus, a Marco Polo, a Galileo– and a David. The world is so wide and wonderful. There’s so much to see and taste and hear. We discover rocks and animals, leaves and flowers. We wonder at various shapes, round and square, huge and small. Our fingers touch rough and smooth, dry and wet. Tongues and nostrils initiate us into sweet and sour, bland and tangy.” -Eugene H. Peterson

I never have felt so young. The playful child in me seems to be increasing, even more so than when I actually was a child of age. All I want to do is laugh, and play. There is so much in this life and I just want to enjoy every ounce of it, enjoy every person, everything is unique, everything is mysterious, the complex things intrigue me and the simple things are enjoyable. I am learning so much more every single day about the beauty of this world. I am a child. I never want to grow up.  I already did that once, and it was not fun.

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