break by the water

2011/03/06 § Leave a comment

It is spring break, finally I am writing a blog post. I do not like the feeling of writing a post when it has been way too long. I feel unfaithful. I am currently at my Grandma’s in Port Charlotte Florida. She is an amazing cook and always has the best finds in her kitchen 😉 She has carob chips (which is like a healthy chocolate) I found the benefits on HealthMad. I have been eating them non-stop telling myself that it is healthy chocolate. So what is it really?

It is a fruit that is grown typically in warm climates mainly in the Mediterranean region. It improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, immunity support containing Vitamin E, a good source of calcium. It can be used in baking products and takes away the sweet tooth. Next time you are craving a snickers bar, go have a bit of carob instead!

Today I…

Cut my hair super short (grandma did)

Listened to Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”

Ate Cod by the ocean

Did 200 jumping jacks + other weird workouts

Bought some Spring Clothing

Bought some Lancome Make-up

I’d say my Spring break is starting off super nice : )


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